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The identification of leaf rust resistance genes of wheat (T. aestivum)


Marker-assisted selection permits rapid identification of key individuals useful genes. Especially it is important for study, keeping and certification gene sources of plants. The eight kinds of wheat T.aestivum for identification of Leaf rust resistance gene were investigated. Using of RAPD-markers allowed to find 3 oligonucleotide primers that made possible to define the presence or absence of Lr-genes of resistance to Leaf rust. However, these primers cannot be use as specific to definite Lr-genes. The application of STS-primers (site-target-sequence primers) was enable to detected specific band for Lr-19 resistance gene and it presence in F2 generation.


Aytkhozhina N.A., Akhmetollaev L.A., Ismagulova G.A., Malakhova N.P. M.A.Aytkhozhin's

Institute of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Almaty, Kazakhstan